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Rank And Rent Websites-Why You Need One...

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What Is Website Renting Or Leasing?

Often times businesses will pay thousands of dollars for that beautiful website, and then not have the funds to promote it. Development of a website can be costly and time consuming. Costs not included in having your own website, are hosting,
tweaking and upgrades as sites will need adjustment based on algorithm changes. Then there is the off page search engine optimization costs that occur on a monthly basis.

Instead of having a new website built by a web designer, then having to pay for SEO services which will cost a minimum of $400/month, and probably more, why not rent a website?

So how does this work? Website renting isn’t really all that different from renting an apartment. You pay on a monthly basis for the promotion of your services, and possibly your brand, in a specific geographic area, but will not own the site. Our rental sites are based on local seo strategies, that include all of the location landing pages for your target area. The costs of hosting, maintenance and SEO is borne by Top Gun Marketing.

If you don’t have a website, and want to rent a website, we will be installing a tracking number on that site, and will be able to determine how many calls you have received over the course of a months time.

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How To Rent A Rank On Google...

By renting out a website, you will be on the first page of Google before you start paying.

More Benefits of the rank and rent model are:

  • you can have a substantial savings by not having to pay for buying and setting up a website
  • you can then use those funds to improve your GMB rankings, do retargeting (yes we can do that on your rental site), and other strategies to generate more leads for your business.
  • Is one of the most flexible ways to increase your internet presence.
  • We can integrate your images if you desire and your branding and social media.
  • Analytics are integrated so that we can track the amount of traffic you are receiving.
  • Hosting SSL certificates and security
  • No long term contracts. An agreement will need to be signed so that both parties understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the website rental.
  • Small initial setup fee
    We don’t start charging you the monthly fees until you are somewhere on page 1 of Google for your specified keyword term.
    Once ranking – you will be charged on the first of the month. Should the rankings occur in the middle of the month, the fee will be pro rated for that month.
  • 2 week notice is required if you decide to terminate the rental.

FAQ About Our Rank and Rent Website Program

Most frequent questions and answers
  • we will send all of that traffic to a competitor
  • remove your branding from the website and your images
  • your GMB listing rank will drop

So consider your website rental as a long term investment in your business, like any other marketing strategy.

What does that mean? Top Gun Marketing will get sites ranked for specific keywords that you are looking for more traffic from, and then redirect all of the traffic from those site to your own website, if you have one.

Obviously, your website, would have to have conversion elements in place so the traffic doesn’t go to waste.

As mentioned in a previous article (link website design), those conversion elements would be calls to action above the fold, a visible phone number, reasons why they should contact you etc.

These sites are backlinks to your current website, increasing the ranking of your website and possibly your Google My Business Listing . More traffic to your properties means more potential customers/clients for your business.

  • we will remove the overlay and you will not get any further traffic
  • your GMB listing rank and website rankings will drop

Renting websites or traffic gives local businesses to bundle all of the costs of website development, hosting and SEO into a fixed monthly fee. If you decide later on to hire a website designer to build out your own business site, then you can have all that traffic directed to your new website, or stop paying for the rental.-

Businesses that rely on leads coming in, from dentists and cosmetic surgeons to lawyers and home repair services, will want leads coming in from wherever they can get them. This is proven to be more cost effective and requires less liability than other methods of generating traffic

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