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There Isn’t Any 1 Factor That Drives Traffic, But A Mixture Of Many Factors. SEO Is Not A Set And Forget Strategy, Rather Is Constantly Tweaked And Expanded Based On The SERP Algorithms

Questions That Should Be Asked, Like: How Do You Increase Traffic??

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What Mixture Of Channels Should Be Included For Web Traffic Generation?

How Do You Increase Website Traffic?

Website traffic is a known ranking factor in the SEO community, more traffic means better rankings and cycle repeats itself. You also need engagement and conversions. If you are not getting conversions, in most cases, phone calls for a service by a local small business, then you’re not getting enough traffic or not the right kind of traffic.

To improve conversions, your website needs to be optimized for conversions, such as calls to action, lead capture forms in the right places, generally above the fold. You also need to provide the information they are seeking, the navigation must be easy and intuitive. Other factors are how fast your page loads, is it mobile optimized, can it be easily read; ie: is the font a large enough size. If you are looking to have a website designed, then all of these factors need to be taken into account as they will work for or against you in your rankings and getting traffic.

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SEO and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At Top Gun Marketing we will discuss your goals for your business, what you are currently doing now, and how that can be improved upon to increase your return on investment.

Every business is different and is a different growth stage. We want to focus on only those factors that will get you the best bang for the dollar. In many cases, the following are always considered:


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Tips on Off Site SEO Steps That Can Be Taken To Improve Your SEO and Traffic

A GMB optimized listing will generate 7x more visits or calls than an incomplete one. Building out the Google business site, adding geo tagged images about your business, videos about your business and other factors, can greatly improve your website rankings as it will get more traffic. In many cases, if you are in an emergency type niche, they may not even go to your website, but call you directly if you are ranked in the 3 pack.

Your GMB Listing

Post to your Google My Business Listing.  Submit special offers, special notices, events, and link back to your website. This will increase traffic and present you as an authority in your service areas.

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Your GMB Website

Google My Business Offers A Free Website. Get it built while your new website is being developed!

All of your optimized images and postings are automatically added to this website, which will link to your main website, driving more traffic.

On Page SEO

As I have mentioned before, a properly structured site help to increase your rankings in the search engines, thus generating more traffic. Content that is related and relevant, focusing on keywords that people are searching for, looking at your meta descriptions, image optimization, schema (structured data) internal and external links. This should be done by the website designer, but rarely is unless they understand SEO.

Social Media

Posting on Social Media – Setup a Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn page and promote your business via posting interesting content images to draw in more traffic.

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Chatbots and advertising on Facebook. You can hyper target on Facebook for your exact audience to generate more leads. By having a chat bot setup, it’s like having a 24 hr sales machine at your fingertips

Retargeting those that visit your website with extremely cost effective ads in Facebook and Google. Also you can setup retargeting of your engaged audience from your chat bot and remarket to them at will.

Video Marketing

Building out videos and get them ranked in YouTube and Google.

It’s much more difficult to get ranked in Google due to their algorithm changes, but it can be done and you will get ranked on YouTube-the 2nd largest search engine.

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Marketing Using Images

A must for On page SEO, but to take it a step further, uploading them to image sharing sites, will provide a boost to your rankings and generate more traffic.

Of course there are more options, like paid traffic from Google and Bing, Maps advertising, Guest Blogging, Press releases and the list goes on. However, in most cases, starting with your Google My Business Listing, would be my top priority. When you get in the 3 pack, your calls will increase, your traffic to your site will increase, then retarget them.

Sometimes other SEO companies will offer different types of seo services that will take too much time to generate a good ROI. We tend to focus on those services that will generate a good ROI as quickly as possible.

Knowing how to get the traffic to your website is step one. Optimizing your website for conversions is step two.
Your conversion rate really doesn’t matter if you don’t have traffic.

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