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What Is A Website Design Company?

There are many different types of web design companies. Some are skilled at building out ecommerce sites, others informational sites. At Top Gun Marketing we focus on website development and design for small local businesses that are looking to generate more traffic and leads for their business.

How To Choose Website Design Company

Web design can be very time consuming. It takes time to properly setup the site structure, develop the content, geo tag images, create videos if needed. Without a team to conduct all that is needed to get the job done the right way, you could miss valuable opportunity to attract leads for your business.

It isn’t enough to just put up a pretty site and hope it drives results for your business. Time and thought needs to go into the development of the site, each element that will impact the user and their experience. Only those elements will produce results.

You want to have your design stand out from the competition, but do it’s job. Convert those prospects into customers/clients. You need to be informative, below the fold, and a strong Call to Action above. All of these factors go hand in hand with site structure and how well your site will rank.

Top Gun Marketing works with clients to identify their target audience, their geo locations that they service, and the services they provide.

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Web Design Services Cost

The cost for hiring a website designer varies greatly depending on the scope of the work. If you are looking to build a site from scratch or taking existing content and rebranding it or updating to a faster, newer mobile optimized site on the same or a different platform, then that cost will vary greatly. If you want to build a local lead generation website then that can be more costly and time consuming as the amount of content and graphics needed are greater. Generally, the larger, more complicated the project, the more time is needed, and thus the price is higher. As a rule, the minimum for a basic website will be around $500, to the more complex, customized will be north of $2000.00

Web Design Services For Small Business

The primary question should be, what’s the primary purpose of your website? Is it to look pretty or get your more leads to grow your business.

I would assume, you want to make money. The only thing that you should judge your website is, does it bring in more money, otherwise, what is the point of having one?

Most ‘designers’ don’t understand that. They will build you a beautiful site that may not load fast and doesn’t convert.

In many cases, they don’t have any understanding of internal linking strategies, one of the key factors in getting your site ranked in the search engines.

If the site not setup structurally correct, then you have another problem that will have to be dealt with. After all if you can’t be found in the SERPS, you won’t get traffic, and you won’t get more leads… plain and simple

While most website designers offer a variety of services, the most important feature of the design is to focus the site on your brand and your intent for the website. It needs to be mobile-friendly and scalable, including blogs, video and other up to date web technologies. If the plan is to have a blog, then WordPress is the most often used and maintained platform. Security for wordpress sites is a must, along with backing up the site on a regular basis, as they are also the focus of hackers. Online pages need to be SEO optimized, with the goal of obtaining search engine rankings for the terms that are being targeted.

Most website designers don’t plan for the end goal of ranking. At Top Gun Marketing, we do. Having a website with no traffic will not do you any good unless you intend to drive all of your traffic through paid marketing. Organic traffic, using best seo practices, in our opinion, is a must. We do all of the proper onsite optimization and site structure, keyword density matching that Google is looking for, for maximim benefit for your business. Will you be ranking on the first page? Probably not, but you may for some terms and locations if you are using our local seo strategy. You won’t have to pay for website optimization after the design work is done. You will need SEO services to get on the first page especially if you are in a competitve niche and not using hyper targeted local website development

Best Website Design Services Near Me

A great website page design is one of the most important factors in today’s trending market and virtual economy. As a local professional website designer, we can create the perfect website design to properly reflect your business.

Just follow the above checklist to put your information together, and through consultations, follow ups, we will produce a branded site that meets your needs and business goals.

We focus on mainly small business website designs, as they are hyper targeted to a geographic region. We work hard to keep the cost affordable and design a website that you can be proud of and grow your business.

The process is simple. Fill out the contact form on this page requesting a free consultation and schedule an appointment. We will discuss your needs and goals at that time as well as any questions you might have. Plan on 30-45 minutes for this discussion.

We will do an analysis based on that meeting, and will followup with a contract. Once approved, the information received from you and the retainer paid, then we will begin the website development process.

A draft of your website will be provided for your review. If changes need to be made, then those will be completed and you can review those changes. Once approved and final payment is made, the website will be uploaded to your domain and hosting.

If you are trying to attract more customers/clients, call us today at 603-458-5223. Not only can we help you with your Website Design, but we can also help you establish very effective online marketing strategies to help you grow your customer base even faster in a very cost effective way.

Generally Speaking with our type of hyper local sites, once we receive your information, it could take from 1-3 weeks for the site to be completed.

This of course includes it completely SEO optimized with schema, optimized images, and we typically have up to 100 pages per site.

You have to consider your opportunity Costs.

Meaning, how much money will you lose if you spend hours and weeks trying to build a website vs spending time running your business and serving your customers/clients.

Additionally, you if you are not educated in how to build a site, on page seo optimization, internal linking silos and strategies, along with the tools needed to optimize images and render schema, even if you do get one built, it probably won’t rank in the SERP’s, even with lots of backlinks.

The web design itself is the overall look and appearance of the website itself. The process of the structure of the site such as the elements, layout, images, colors, fonts, videos and graphics is development of the website.

WordPress. It’s favored by Google and the SERP’s as a blogging platform. The benefits are that it’s flexible with the different themes and builders. Different plugins can be added depending on the type of business you have, such as a shopping cart.

The drawbacks are: if you add to many plugins, the website can get bloated and have slow load times, and that will affect how well you rank in the SERP’s.

Additionally, hackers love to break into the sites, so comprehensive security needs to be installed, and really good hosting is needed for speed and security.

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