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Local SEO Services - Why Is It Important?

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Local SEO Services For Local Businesses
What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO marketing is increasing search visibility for your business, whether a brick and mortar company, like Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, and service area businesses like roofers, plumbers, electricians, appliance repair and cleaning companies, within your communities that you serve.

Did you know that 90% of purchases take place locally in physical stores, and 80% of disposable income is spent within a 20 mile radius of a persons home?

Having your business show up in the search engines for your product or service, in your specific geo target areas will open up the doors to new potential customers. Daily, people are searching in their local areas for businesses just like yours. Are you showing up… or your competitors?

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Local SEO Experts - How Does Local SEO Work?

If you own a local business, are you reaching all potential customers within a 20 mi radius? Today, many people search on a mobile device.

Based on where they are currently located when doing the search, local results will be shown. For example, if you live in Portsmouth NH, but are traveling and are in Manchester NH, and you search for a plumber, all of the results that will be shown on your mobile device will be plumbers in Manchester. If you need a plumber in Portsmouth, and don’t identify that Portsmouth, like “Plumber in Portsmouth NH“, is your target area, then you’ll only see Manchester results. This is called “proximity results”.

Google and Bing understand your phyiscal locations and will deliver to you in that location. The same holds true for desktop or laptops. If you live in Londonderry NH, but need to find someone to service your appliances in Laconia NH, then your search query should be “appliance repair Laconia NH” in order to get results for businesses in that location.

Local search engine optimization on websites and web properties are optimized so they can be found in local search results. Not only the content, but the images, videos and link building are all focused with a local intent.

Local SEO Company - FAQ'S

SEO, search engine optimization, from a traditional sense, is improving your site’s visibility on a national level. Local SEO focuses your visibility at a local level, connecting your business to the geographic areas that you want to do business in. Some of the search engine optimization strategies are the same, such as website architecture, competitive SEO analysis on competing keywords.

The difference lies with the amount of pages that we build for your website. We will building landing pages for every community that you want to do business in, and create an internal linking structure so that Google or Bing will find them, and rank them.

Develop Your Local Presence By Doing The Following:
  • Claim Your GMB Listing and get it ranked
  • Increase your branding strategies
  • Have social media pages and post often
  • Get Reviews – Have a great customer/client. Ask them to leave you a review. Setup a portal on your website to do that easily. The more 4-5 star reviews, the more calls you will get
  • GMB Posting – post relevant content to your Google My Business Listing. This will increase your rank and provide information for potential prospects

Because using social media platforms will increase your brand awareness within your service area by doing the following:

Develop your social media accounts. With Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, post about your business, satisfied customers, interesting content. Have a chatbot created to chat with prospects on Facebook Messenger and your Website

Run Contests and Ads with great offers to get your brand out to your community.

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It will depend if your website is mobile optimized and looks up to date. You don’t need a fancy site, just one that converts for you.

Other reasons for having a website with a Local SEO theme:

Geo Targeting with landing pages to each location you service, local directories as well as directories that are specific to your line of work.

If you don’t have a retargeting pixel, one should be put in place along with retargeting ads to increase your ROI.

Have more than one website that way you have the potential of taking over all 10 of the search results in your areas.

Depends on if you want to rank in the search engine for terms that make your business money.

Time and strategy is what will improve your search engine rankings. The longer you wait in investing in a SEO strategy, the longer you won’t have rankings.

SEO is a valuable investment in the growth in your business. Your SEO investment is an asset to your company and its future.

Local search marketing trends will continue to grow and will get more prevalant in the future.

The time is now for you to take advantage of local SEO services and boost your business to new levels. Any local business, from Lawyers and Plastic Surgeons to the handyman and cleaning companies can make more money though local SEO marketing. Get started today! {xfield_phone]

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