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Lead Generation Companies For Small Business

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Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Lead generation is the process of attracting and coverting prospects into customers. Different types of marketing strategies are used to attract those customers and then convert them into leads.

Lead generation is not as easy as it looks, takes a lot of work, and that’s one of the reasons why small businesses will look to lead generation companies who specialize in attracting those prospects and warming them up before sending them to the local business.

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Lead Generation Companies Near Me

At Top Gun Marketing we are a small lead generation company in New Hampshire and have a different approach.

We understand The only business metric that counts is making sales… and to generate more sales you need to generate more leads.

Your business need leads… but at what cost?

Many business owners work with business directories websites because they promise many new leads at a “reasonable price.”

With our lead generation services, we eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming in-house marketing campaigns or advertising plans.

And best of all, you don’t have to put money into marketing strategies that are hard to quantify.

You don’t have to pay for advertising space or pay for clicks or pay for web page views.

You only pay for genuine, qualified sales leads that ring to your phone!

You’re a leader in your industry, not a leader in advertising.

Focus on doing what you do best and let us create an online presence for your company coordinated with an aggressive marketing lead generation plan.

Getting started is easy.

Give us a call at 603-458-5223 or click the calendar and schedule a consultation. We’ll follow up with you and learn more about your business and your marketing goals.

Together we will develop a plan that will move you towards the success you desire.

Business Lead Generation - FAQ's

There are large and small lead generation companies. The larger companies will do database marketing. By using databases, they will expedite the process by identifying the prospects that have buyer intent. They do this by gathering information via public records, trade references, print and digital media.

Often a large lead generation company will devise a targeted campaign for inbound marketing. These leads are then nurtured and information is gathered to identify the right leads who fit the businesses buyer personna. Those leads are then sold to the business to followup and convert.

Another strategy is to aggregate consumer and business information that they can then sell to a business wishing to purchase new leads.

In this digital age that we live in, being found in the search engine for the keywords you are looking to rank for, in your target geo location will generate new leads for your business.

Coupled with other web properties that are ranked connected to a tracking phone number, we generate highly qualified motivated prospects to your business, for you to talk to and convert.

We also will have a contact us form on the website, that will be directed to you to followup with a prospect.

We do this through our website rental or traffic program, with a flat monthly fee, so you know what your costs will be and when they are due.

Our leads are exclusive to one business in a geo area. They are not sold to multiple businesses like Service Advisor, Angies List, Thumbtack and others.

The marketing rule of 7 is a general guideline that a prospect needs to see or hear an advertisers message at least 7 times before they will take action to either purchase a product, or contact a business for services.

Thus, it it very important that you employ a retargeting pixel on your website, and setup a retargeting campaign. Read more about retargeting campaigns here

Marketing brings in the customer call into the business. This is a marketing lead. The marketing lead must be qualified via the sales team.. that then puts them into a sales qualified lead. The sales team then must convert that customer into a buyer of a product or service.

In today’s digital age, a lot of the sales part of this can be effectively done using chat bots, either on your website, or on Facebook via Messenger Marketing. Read more about Chat Bot marketing here.

You can generate sales leads from the following:

  • Lead generation companies
  • Claim or improve your GMB rankings
  • SEO for your Website
  • Update your website to be mobile optimized,
  • Have a retargeting pixel on your website,
  • Use chatbots for marketing and closing business,
  • Build up your brand name and reputation
  • Get on page 1 of Google.

The cost is determined on what your needs, goals and objectives are. Please the button and schedule a free consultation and we can go from there.

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