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What Is Retargeting And How Does It Work?

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Retargeting Marketing Strategy

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How To Retarget Website Visitors

Retargeting, a form of online advertising, that uses a “cookie” technology to “follow that prospect” and offer up an ad based all over the web.

The fact is 96% of website visitors will leave your website without taking any action, like making a phone call, completing an optin form, or making a purchase. 49% will often visit your website 4-5 times before taking some type of action.

So how do you get them to come back to your site and take the desired action? That’s where retargeting comes in.
When a visitor comes to your website, then clicks away, they will be “cookied” to receive an ad when they visit other websites or facebook.

We place a piece of html code, called a pixel, on your website, either in the header or footer, and based on certain parameters that we setup, like time on site, and other actions they take on your website, they will see your retargeting ads. This ad will encourage them to go back to your website.

Types Of Retargeting

Retargeting can be done in Facebook, Youtube, and Google’s display network using banner ads. Display banner ads will reach 90% of internet users. Normally With Display ads, the website you are visiting, the ad shown would be related to the content on that website. However, the retargeting ad doesn’t have to be related to the other website. Once you have 100 or more visitors to your website within a 30 day period, you can start running display retargeting ads.

The more popular way to go for local business, is Facebook retargeting. Once a prospect has visited your site, a custom audience is setup of those that have visited your site, and they will be shown a retargeting ad, where most people hand out. This is highly cost effective way to get them back to your website.

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Remarketing VS. Retargeting

Retargeting and remarketing is used interchangeably, but shouldn’t be. They are different functions. Retargeting is based on cookies and showing the prospect related ads. That data for the prospect is collected, and used to remarket to them with new or different offers, keeping your brand in front of them, typically using email marketing.

With the growth and high success rates we’ve had with chat bot marketing, remarketing can be more easily accomplished, for less of a cost than traditional email marketing. The open rates are far better, increasing your ROI.

Retargeting and remarketing campaigns, will increase your conversions for your products and services, using good strategies and great offers, such as coupons, discounts, and contests.

FAQ About Retargeting Ads On Facebook and Google

Questions You May Ask.. And Their Answers

We will setup a facebook pixel on your website, then create a custom audience in your facebook account to deliver ads to those prospects.

Retargeting only works if you are getting traffic to your website. If there is not traffic, retargeting will not help you.

You can use this in conjunction with Youtube ads (very inexpensive strategy), Facebook ads, and of course Google Adwords.

Then retarget that traffic.

The cost to retarget via the Facebook pixel using our proprietary pixel system and management of the advertising, will be a flat monthly fee plus the cost of the ads on Facebook.

Your ads on Facebook are typically underĀ  $100/month as retargeting ads are very inexpensive and yields a high ROI. Of course this all depends on the volume of traffic you are getting.

It will depend on how much traffic you are getting on your website. If there is a low volume of traffic, then it would be wise to start a message marketing with chatbot campaign and drive them to your website and retarget from there. The cost of that strategy would be more than just retargeting existing traffic off your website.

Generally speaking 40% of your prospecting budget should be focused on retargeting.

When someone interacts with your website online but doesn't take a desired action and clicks away, a cookie is dropped.

Then whey they go backing to surfing the web and logs into Facebook, they will see your ad promoting your product or services.

The intent of this type of marketing, is for them to go back to your website and purchase that product and/or service that they are in need of.

It's the same concept as with Facebook. When they interact with your website or mobile app, a cookie is dropped.

When they are surfing Google or partner websites, they will see a banner ad that has been setup. This encourages them to revisit your website to purchase that product or service

This strategy is also used to increase your brand awareness within your community.

Remarketing lists targeting Google Display Network is a minimum of 100 active users/visitors within 30 days to show your ads.

For Google Search, you must have a minimum of 1000 active visitors or users.

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